Can I study medicine in the UK and then do residency in Australia?

Put simply, can I do a medicine degree in the UK and then come back to Australia for residency/training? Or, can I atleast do all medical training in the UK and then come back to Australia. University in mind is University of Oxford. Thanks in advance

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Yes you can! One thing to note is only a very small number of students are admitted into Oxford for medicine and choosing the college you apply for is critical. Fire me some info on your academic grades and I can give you some more specific tips at


Hi @edn.chn

Absolutely, in fact there is currently extremely strong demand from doctors who have qualified in the UK coming to work in New Zealand and Australia. Having worked at many hospitals across New Zealand during my training in medical school, there is a large proportion of doctors at all levels who have come from the UK. Although reasons vary case by case, feedback from the doctors I have worked is the preferable lifestyle, working conditions/hours and better remuneration working in New Zealand and Australia compared to the UK. Getting a medical degree in the UK such as at Oxford can unlock many doors for you globally.
If you want to work in AUS/NZ as a doctor as first preference, I would definitely consider applying for AUS/NZ medical schools as finding a position post graduation can be easier when compared to a degree from the UK.

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