Can I do a conjoint degree - Music and Biomed - at an Ivy League university in the U.S.?

I want to do Biomed as I enjoy learning about Biology at school, and find that it would fit well with me (also a good paying job haha). But I also have a big passion for music, and was largely involved in it throughout my highschool years. So I feel like it would be hard for me to completely drop music and do Biomedical school instead. I’ve researched about conjoint degrees but was wondering if schools like Yale offered a Music and Biomed conjoint degree (2 very different subjects…!!)

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Although most schools have their own unique offerings, you might consider options like dual degrees or double majors, which allow students to study two subjects simultaneously.

At Yale, you could look into pursuing a double major in both Music and Biomedical Science. While this wouldn’t be an official “conjoint” degree, you’d still be able to explore both of your passions in-depth. Other Ivy League schools, like Harvard and Cornell, do also offer double major options that could accommodate your interests in music and biomed.

I think to summarise, even though a specific conjoint degree in Music and Biomedical Science might not be available at Ivy League universities, you can still pursue your dual passions by opting for a double major. To help you find the right university programs for your unique interests, consider reaching out to an Academic Advisor at Crimson. In the space of a quick call you can tap into their expertise, and together, you can embark on an exciting academic journey that develops both your love for music and your fascination with biomed!

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