Can I chose what NCEA credits to put on my college application?

I am currently a year 12 student at high school in New Zealand, and I passed NCEA Level 1 with excellence. However, I got 98 credits of 80 to pass, and 8 of these credits were merit, bringing my gpa down to a 3.93 from a 4.0. Is there any chance I can just show the 80 excellence credits that I used to pass and remove the other 18 credits (including the merits) to make my gpa higher?

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Congrats on passing NCEA Level 1 with excellence - that’s a great achievement! When it comes to college applications though, you can’t pick and choose which NCEA credits to include. Colleges will want to see your full academic record to get an accurate picture of your performance and capabilities.

Although it might seem frustrating that your GPA is slightly lower than a perfect 4.0, don’t worry too much about it. Admissions officers consider a variety of factors when evaluating applications, not just your GPA. They’ll take into account your extracurricular activities, personal essay, recommendations, and any other relevant experiences that highlight your unique qualities and potential.

It’s important to remember that college admissions is a holistic process. Instead of focusing on those few merit credits, focus on showcasing your strengths, passions, and growth throughout high school. As long as you put in the effort to make your application stand out in other areas, your slightly less-than-perfect GPA won’t hold you back. Keep up the great work and best of luck with your college applications!


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