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Universities in Australia usually convert the three best A-Level grades into “University Points” to convert to an ATAR score for international students. Generally, “university points” are assigned based on A2 Level scores: A*=6, A=5, B =4, C=3, D=2, E=1. The best three A2 subjects are used to calculate the amount of “university points” you receive and to assign an ATAR score. In the case that 4 A Levels have been taken, the points are based on these 4 exam scores.

As such, A* A* A* would equal 18 points, which is equivalent to a 99+ ATAR score. BBB would equal 12 points, which is equivalent to a 90 ATAR score. CCC would equal 9 points, which is equal to an 80 ATAR score, and a CDD would be equivalent to 7 points and a 70 ATAR score. With 4 A Levels, the highest possible score is 24 points (4 A* A Levels).

You can find more information on how the ATAR is calculated on the Crimson Global Academy site. While most universities follow a comparable system, it is important to check every university’s personal website to ensure the most accurate information is being taken into consideration. You can find a more detailed chart on the University of Western Australia website.


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