Biomedical Science/Health Science GPA for UoA Medical School

What GPA do I need in Biomedical Science/Health Science to get into second year medical school at The University of Auckland?

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I’m a 5th year Medical Student at The University of Auckland and got accepted into second year Medical School at the end of 2012, and this is my experience from discussions with colleagues at various stages of medical school.

In calculating GPA at The University of Auckland, an A+ counts as a 9, A counts as an 8, A- counts as a 7 and so forth.

Getting into medical school is based on 60% academics, 15% UMAT and 25% Interview, and so there is no definite GPA which guarantees entry into Medicine.

In saying that, the average GPA of new-entrant medical students over the years has been about 8.5, which is roughly 2 A+'s and 2 A’s in the four core papers of first year. This is only an average, and there is a range depending on your UMAT and Interview, though I do not know of someone who got a 9 GPA and didn’t get in, and anything below a 7.5 GPA will mean you are unlikely to be offered an interview for medical school at The University of Auckland.

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