2021 Tiger Global Case Competition Registration

The Competition is for high school students, ages 13-18, who are interested or curious about exploring consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, social enterprise, tech, and marketing. The best part? Because it’s 100% virtual, there are no geographical barriers to entry!

TGCC will lead numerous Competitor-exclusive first-class workshops and webinars with top industry experts. Moreover, there are amazing educational prizes to be won.

Participants can use the discount code TGCC 101 get a 30% off on the early bird/regular price checkout!

Registrations close on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021
Register here: Register — Tiger Global Case Competition
Access FAQs here: FAQs — Tiger Global Case Competition

We are in the process of establishing a Discord channel for students who are interested in the competition and struggling to find teammates!

Instagram @globalcasecomp

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