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Med School Questions
High School
What requirements do I need as a Student in highschool to prepare myself to get a higher rate of acceptance in Universities in different countries
I live in Qatar, currently doing my IALs and I plan on Studying in Qatar, Canada, UK, Australia. My AS results are 2A, B & C. What should I do right now in highschool where it would help me in get...


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Med School Questions
High School
English v English Rich subjects?
I am finalising my year 12 subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus + ???) and want to know if it is okay to take English rich subjects (History, Classics) or if I should keep English in the mi...


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Med School Questions
High School
Looking to go to Med School but unsure of what subjects to take
I am really interested in attending university to become a doctor as I love helping people and admire the work doctors perform. I understand it is a tough course. I was wondering if physics in AS/A le...


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