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Crimson Online Teaching and Tutoring

With six years of online teaching experience, Crimson has perfected the art of engaging students flexibly and remotely with world-leading results
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Tutoring at Crimson

At Crimson, we engage the world’s best teachers and highest-achieving tutors across every curriculum to ensure incomparable quality, 100% online.

Sessions on the Crimson App allow tutors, parents and students to be completely aligned on their educational journey with:

  • Reports at the conclusion of each lesson
  • Tracking and reporting of students grades and progress
  • Scientifically developed custom tutoring matching algorithm to match you with the best tutor according to your personality, learning style, timezone and needs
What we do - crimson education

Enquire now for the program that suits you

You can choose from IB, A Levels, AP, SAT/ACT/SAT II, Bespoke Curriculum or Extracurricular and Leadership mentoring or a combination of various elements.

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World-Class Tutors

Our tutors are familiar with both local and international curriculums and have proven themselves by guiding students towards top marks.

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Subject Areas

Crimson serves New Zealand students with the best academic talent in New Zealand and abroad.

Group Classes

Sign up for our Group Classes in Olympiad Maths, Chemistry and Biology taught by top teachers with an outstanding track record, as well as our fast-tracked SAT bootcamps to put you in the best possible position.

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Our Student/Parent Feedback

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