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Crimson Tutors are selected from the world's best schools after obtaining world-class results themselves. Who else could show you how to do it better?

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Crimson Tutors know what it takes to succeed

Did your child's teacher finish top of their class? Top scores are more than just memorising a textbook. Our tutors pass on the winning strategies that give highest-achieving students the edge.

Work with the World's Highest Achievers Every Day

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What puts Crimson students at the Top of their Class?

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How Māori student Sam scored a perfect 1600 with Crimson Tutoring

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  • Sam Taylor Testimonial : Crimson Student, and Harvard and Yale Admit, Sam Taylor, on Breakfast TV
  • Sam Taylor Testimonial with Parent: Sam Taylor and father talk about what it was like getting accepted to Harvard and Yale
  • Sam Taylor Testimonial: Crimson Student Sam Taylor talks about being accepted to Harvard and Yale
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