Use Your Summer Break To Get Into The Ivy League

16/04/20216 minute read
Use Your Summer Break To Get Into The Ivy League

Using your summer holiday to strengthen your college application may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your break, but it’s a long-term decision that could be the difference between you gaining acceptance into your dream university and just missing out.

Building out a complete applicant profile doesn’t have to be as boring as you may think. There are exciting opportunities available that not only bolster your admissions chances but introduce you to new people/connections, skills & experiences and provide the opportunity to make a little money on the side (or a lot if you’re willing to put the work in).

In this breakdown, we will look at 5 key ways to transform your application during the school holidays to put you on the fast track to an admission at some of the top universities in the world!

1. Study

It’s important not to overlook the basics. Colleges will look at your academic record first and will, in many cases, use this as their first step in identifying you as a right fit for their school. If you find your academic performance is below average, extra study during this break either independently or with tutoring can help prepare you for improved grades next year.

Remember, while universities admire a flawless academic record, they are also looking for continuous improvements that show a real dedication to learning and excellence.

Are you a high achiever in need of more academic challenges? Taking extra classes on the side displays your dedication to learning and looking beyond the limitations of traditional schooling. This can be done within the time period of your summer break and can be taken through our Crimson Global Academy!

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2. Work Experience

A common way that students spend their holidays is by gaining work experience either through internships or jobs. Being able to gain an internship during high school can be difficult but will also give you a massive advantage over other applicants. To discover what’s available, you can ask your school’s career guidance team, check in with your local community leaders or access state of the art internship programs through projects like Crimson Careers.


It can be difficult to secure internships so other work is still a viable option. While it may not be the most glamorous option, you are still able to use it as a tool for your university admissions. Work experience is a great tool to develop your understanding of the workforce, your career outlook or a unique perspective that you have not been exposed to yet.

3. Volunteer Work

Volunteering is a fantastic alternative to internships and other work. Though unpaid, you often stand to gain a lot by taking part in this kind of community service. Volunteering is an opportunity to apply your skills in an area you’re passionate about while doing good by supporting those in need. This work is valued highly in any university application as it is a powerful point of difference for students across the globe.

There are a number of organisations that are always on the lookout for volunteers. Online job boards such as Seek and Indeed have volunteer sections that provide a wide range of options or you can search for a specific topic that is best suited to your talents and interests. If you’re a Crimson student, your ECL mentors and Strategists are also available to help you seek out and apply for volunteering opportunities that best suit your interests and university applications.

Volunteer Work 1

4. Personal Projects

For students looking to take their interests a step further, creating your own project or initiative can deliver the impact you want to make in the way you envision it. Whether it's starting your own club, recording a podcast or founding a small business, there are a multitude of ways for you to craft your own influence on your community and beyond. These projects are the perfect way to stay active over the summer and your time off from school work provides the ideal time to do it.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to get your project off the ground, there are many tools available online that can help guide you through including Crimson mentoring, which provides you with idea generation, continual 1:1 support and even the opportunity for funding to help fast-track your venture if needed.

5. Planning Ahead

Putting time aside to research all of the options in front of you can help you gain clarity on where you want to go and the steps you need to take in order to get there. Looking into what different colleges offer, the opportunities available at specific schools/states as well as their unique features, can give you a better idea of what path is best suited for you.

If you don’t know where to start or are just beginning your journey towards attending an overseas university, you can book a FREE consultation with one of our Crimson Academic Advisors. Crimson can help you build out and strengthen your journey towards your dream university and all it takes is the first step!

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