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Crimson Education is New Zealand’s leading university admissions consultancy, helping Kiwi students gain admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities.


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Inspiring Kiwi students to be ambitious and dream big.

Crimson supports Kiwi students to become world-class leaders and learners. In 2024, we celebrate our 10th year of sending Kiwis to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge and beyond.

When we first started, the number of Kiwi students successfully applying to top universities was extremely limited –– and now, New Zealand sends more students to the Ivy League per capita than any country outside the US!

This year, our Kiwi students secured a record-breaking 3 offers to Harvard! Check out the rest of our Class of 2024’s results.

Kiwi Results
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Crimson Student Results

Our students have received offers to all of the world’s best universities!
How Our Students’ Results Compare!
UniversityGeneral Admissions RateCrimson Student Admissions Rate
Harvard University3.19%17%
Princeton University~4.0%22%
Yale University4.4%12%
Stanford University~4.0%12%
Columbia University3.7%29%
University of Chicago6.2%29%
University of Pennsylvania~4.7%32%
Duke University6.2%44%
Johns Hopkins University6.5%39%
Brown University5.5%29%
Northwestern University7.0%30%
Dartmouth College6.2%26%
Cornell University~8.7%21%
UC Berkeley~11.8%40%

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Bluebelle Yale University

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Sarah St Andrews

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Seyoon's Journey to Princeton

Seyoon Princeton University

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