Crimson Student Lands Full Scholarship to Yale

10/04/20239 minute read
Crimson Student Lands Full Scholarship to Yale

Meet Andre Fa’aoso, a true leader and inspiration to his classmates who has proven that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and commitment to his dreams. Despite growing up in West Auckland with limited means, Andre was determined in pursuing his academic aspirations. With the help of Crimson’s expert strategists, Andre was accepted into Yale University with a scholarship, and his dreams of attending an Ivy League university became a reality!

Roots and Beginnings

Andre's journey began in West Auckland, where he attended Rutherford Primary School before moving on to Rangeview Intermediate. He then became head boy and dux of Rutherford College, cementing his place as a true leader and inspiration to his classmates. With his father's proud Tongan and Pasifika heritage fueling his passions, Andre has proven time and time again that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and commitment to his dreams.

Andre’s commitment to making a positive impact extended far beyond the classroom. He was an active member of his school community, dedicating his time and energy to a range of initiatives and groups that reflected his passion for environmentalism, social justice, and advocacy. From serving on the environmental committee and ball committee to participating in the debate team and 40 Hour Famine initiatives, he never missed an opportunity to make a difference. He even helped set up United Nations Youth assemblies and advocated for animal rights, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to creating a better world for all.

Watch Andre’s reaction on finding out he got into Yale!

Through his involvement in various school activities and community initiatives, he has shown that he is not only committed to his own success but to making a positive impact on the world. His unwavering work ethic and drive were evident to his teachers from a young age, and it is no surprise that he has continued to excel and inspire others along the way.

Judy Farrar, acting principal at Rutherford College, recognizes his potential to achieve great things. “There’s nothing lucky about Andre. Everything he gets is because he deserves it. He’s worked for it.”

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Humble origins

Growing up in West Auckland where his family had limited means, Andre's father worked as a roof mechanic to support the family.

“I’m not wealthy, whatsoever. I live in West Auckland. My mum’s on ACC, my dad’s a roofer. I come from a very, very humble background. There’s no real money to my name, to be honest.”

With the incredible opportunity of a fully paid scholarship, Andre's dreams of attending an Ivy League university became a reality. Despite facing financial limitations, he refused to let anything stand in the way of his academic aspirations. This scholarship opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed, and Andre acknowledges that it’s this scholarship that gave him the chance to pursue his passions and achieve greatness.

He attributes his success to the unwavering love and guidance of his mother, who recognized and nurtured his natural talent from a young age. Andre's journey is a testament to the power of a strong support system and the transformative impact of a curious mind.

“I’m forever grateful for what she’s done for me, but also how she helped me grow into myself.”

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The Application Process

With the guidance and support of Crimson strategists, Andre’s dreams of attending Yale University became a reality. From the very beginning, Kirsten Kuwatani and the rest of the Crimson team worked closely with Andre, providing him with valuable advice and feedback on every aspect of his application. They reviewed his essays and personal statement together, offering detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement, and they helped him organize his deadlines and tasks amid his final year exams and part-time job.

“Andre is a well-spoken, mature, curious and passionate for social justice. I was impressed how he juggled his leadership, ECLs, and part-time job, all while supporting his family. I am so excited to see what impact he has at Yale and beyond.”

- Kirsten Kuwatani, Strategy Consultant at Crimson

Through building a strong application, he was able to showcase his unique strengths and passions, presenting himself as the compelling and well-rounded candidate that he is to Yale's admissions committee. As a result of his hard work and Crimson’s unwavering support, he received the news he had been waiting for - an acceptance letter from Yale. Andre’s success is a testament to the transformative power of education and the critical role that expert guidance and support can play in unlocking one's full potential.

Andre speaks to Newshub

Acceptance into Yale

Andre shared a heartwarming TikTok video in which he looked through the application portal to find the news he had been waiting for had finally arrived: he had been accepted into Yale! His mother cried tears of joy as they celebrated this incredible milestone, and even the family dog jumped in excitement!

“I think my breathing - that big gasp? That was because I wasn’t breathing properly. I was holding my breath. I was in shock,” Andre says.

“It has been a pleasant experience working with my Crimson tutors. I am grateful for the work and interest that Kirsten, Susan, Nicole and Fabiana have put into my application and also I thank them for following me on this journey, and now I am here reaping the fruits of our collective effort.”

- Andre Fa'aoso

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Yale: Dream University

Yale is not an easy university to get into. The admissions process is highly competitive, with thousands of talented and qualified students vying for a limited number of spots. It takes more than just good grades and test scores to gain acceptance into Yale; students must possess a unique set of qualities that demonstrate their potential to excel at the highest level.

There’s a reason Yale is the dream university for students like Andre: it’s a place of immense opportunity, where students can strive for excellence and explore countless extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that foster personal growth and development. For those who aspire to greatness, Yale is a beacon of hope, a place where dreams are realized, and futures are made.

Are you next?

Our students have smashed early and regular round records for the Class of 2027!

More than 600 Crimson students have been admitted to the Ivy League! Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s Class of 2027 top university admit numbers.

  • 95+ Crimson Ivy League offers, including 66 offers to the most competitive Ivies — Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and UPenn.
  • UPenn offers included several to Penn’s Wharton School of Business and the prestigious Huntsman Program.
  • 65+ offers to US Top 10 universities, including Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins and Caltech.
  • 20+ UC Berkeley offers

Despite the decrease in acceptance rates, the number of Crimson students who have received offers to schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Yale has increased. We attribute this unprecedented success to our teamwork mentality. Students, their families and Crimson tutors and mentors work together to create stellar admissions-worthy applications.

We are so excited for Andre and can’t wait to share more success stories with you! Keep an eye on our blog and website for more regular round admission results.