How Much Is Crimson Education Worth?

18/03/20215 minute read
How Much Is Crimson Education Worth?

Crimson Education is worth approximately 260 million USD according to leading publications including Techcrunch and The Australian Financial Review. The company was also recently ranked 41st in the Top 500 Asia Pacific Fast Growth Companies by the Financial Times. For investors, Crimson represents an opportunity to be part of a revolutionary education company that is quickly establishing itself as a world leader in both college admissions support and online high school education.


Crimson’s investors include the world leading New York-based investment firm Tiger Global, the Hong Kong-based Chow Thai Fook (CTF) Education Group, and Korean-based Solborn Investments. Crimson’s ‘worth’, or value, in this case is marked against its growing reputation as the world’s most successful university admissions support company and its utilisation of the latest innovations in education technology.

The launch of Crimson’s global online high school, Crimson Global Academy (CGA) — and its exponential growth (890%) in the one year since its April 2020 launch — doubled down on Crimson’s worth as a leader in global education. The fact that CGA students achieved a 93% average in their first A-Level (Pearson Edexcel International curriculum) exams, with 33% of these hard-working students achieving a mark of 100%, reinforced both Crimson’s expertise in the area of online education and its engagement of the world’s best teachers based in several locations around the world.

Student Success

For students and their families, Crimson’s ‘worth’ is measured against the our student success rate compared to the general world leading university applicant. Crimson’s highly personalised model, which sees each student matched with a team of five or more Ivy, Oxbridge or other top university educated experts, means this ‘worth’ comes with both the high level of inside knowledge and expertise provided, and the genuine, tireless efforts of Crimson staff in supporting each student to produce their best possible applications.

This then translates into results. While schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale or Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Caltech and more are reporting all-time high application numbers, and all-time low admission rates, Crimson students are receiving acceptance letters to these schools and more at a rate that is 400% higher than that of the general population applicant.

Just as importantly, Crimson’s  worth comes in our dedication to help students apply for merit and athletic scholarships, financial aid and other cost saving grants and opportunities. Crimson also offers a Crimson Access Opportunity (CAO) program for students who need financial assistance through the college application support process.

Crimson’s support was fundamental to my acceptance to such a competitive university.  I am at Stanford because of the support of my Crimson team, and for that I am so grateful.”

— Lara F., Stanford University, Class of 2023

A Lifetime of Value

While it is difficult to put a number on what it may be ‘worth’ to gain admission to a world Top 20 institution, it may be easier to gauge this worth when examining the experience while there, and the benefits gained afterwards.

In the first case, you can refer to the student’s access to award winning faculty, small class sizes, world class facilities, diverse and high-achieving student body, and internship and research opportunities.

In the second, you can refer to the unique power of top university alumni networks. It is these connections which last a lifetime, providing students with recruitment priorities, professional opportunities, a global bank of first-class advice and support and a natural progression to employment at some of the best companies in the world.

In the case of Crimson alumni, just some of the companies at which they are now employed include Google, NASA, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Amazon, JP Morgan, Bain and Company, McKinsey and Company, Y Combinator, Bridgewater, DeepMind, Waymo, UNICEF and more.

Crimson made me realise that there was another avenue I could take, one that would offer a world of opportunities. That is what UChicago is for me, and I would not be here without Crimson.”

— Don K., University of Chicago, Class of 2023

Crimson Community

Like any world class university, Crimson also has its own ‘Community’ made up of current and ‘graduated’ Crimson alumni who are now studying at some of the world’s best educational institutions or have recently graduated from them and are moving into professional roles or postgraduate study (for which Crimson also provides support).

Becoming part of this community and the connections that come with it is part and parcel of joining the Crimson family of which you are a member for life.

To learn more about Crimson’s potential worth to you personally, feel free to click the link below and organise a free one hour meeting with one of our expert Academic Advisors.