The Crimson App: Enhancing Efficiency & Impact with AI

06/01/202414 minute read
The Crimson App: Enhancing Efficiency & Impact with AI

Many people associate Crimson Education with our network of Ivy League graduates, Former Admissions Officers (FOAs), and outstanding counselors, tutors, and essay mentors. Others may be familiar with the many life-changing college admissions stories impacting our students.

Did you know we’re also proud to have one of the most talented IT teams in the college admissions planning and advising space?

For years our talented IT team members have focused their innovation prowess on creating and updating the Crimson App, a very practical and versatile tool allowing Crimson parents and students to streamline college planning and get the most out of their Crimson Education resources and support teams .

In this post we review some of the core features of the Crimson App, highlight many ways this interactive college admissions software empowers Crimson students and parents, and explore the new AI feature developed by our creative IT team, innovation leaders in the college advising space.

The Crimson App Has a Lot to Offer

With responsive communication tools, interactive college admissions roadmaps and tracking tools, and integrated time management features designed with the complexities of college planning in mind, the Crimson App streamlines the advising experience, making college planning easier, efficient, and more strategic.

Thanks to our top IT talent, Crimson continues to innovate, finding new ways to put technology at the forefront of college admissions advising. The Crimson App streamlines the application journey with a powerful platform enabling students and parents to personalize their college journey and unlock all the learning resources Crimson has to offer.

We’re also thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking new feature that helps both our Advisors and their students. After extensive testing, we have rolled out our new “Session Summary” tool, an AI-powered innovation that enhances the efficiency and impact of our university admissions advising and coaching sessions.

But, before we say more about the new feature and its benefits, let’s review how the Crimson App helps motivated students experience a more productive college journey, connect more easily with Crimson offerings, and avoid any number of missteps and pitfalls as they chart a course to their dream college.

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What Is the Crimson App?

The Crimson App is the learning management platform Crimson developed to optimize the experience of all of our students. This proprietary app makes it easy for any high school student to keep their own college journey on track and easily interact with all of their Crimson team members, resources, and learning libraries, even as they explore and apply to perhaps a dozen or more top colleges.

  • Schedule — or reschedule — an Advisor meeting or tutoring appointment
  • Find the right Crimson tutor for your personal needs, goals, and learning style
  • Seamlessly retrieve and review summaries of any past Advising or Counseling Session
  • Customize your goals and track your progress as you develop a personalized admissions profile that will make you stand out at top schools
  • Stay on top of your college admissions roadmap, including all of your important steps and crucial application timelines and deadlines

Whatever your personal approach to college planning, advising, and the application process, the Crimson App is designed by IT professionals with insights from veteran college admissions strategists, unlocking lots of creative opportunities and angles for enhancing your college planning — from improving strategy to managing all the steps of applying to multiple schools.

It’s the only technology of its kind… Created for Crimson students and their families, the Crimson App is a college planning software that transforms our students’ college admissions experiences — serving as a learning tool, communication tool, and planning tool all in one. And, with new features and innovations always on the way, our App gets more powerful and valuable every day.

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What Are the Best Features of the Crimson App?

The Crimson App is unique, designed with the sole purpose of helping students transform their college admission journeys. Our students love using it to build a roadmap of their own applicant profile, starting as early as middle school or ninth grade. Dashboards for tracking timelines and deadlines across diverse applications and application components are another favorite feature.

Ultimately the Crimson App is an ideal complement to students’ overall Crimson partnership, providing a one-stop tech platform where students and their parents can seamlessly manage all of their Crimson interactions, make the most of their Crimson experience, and keep tabs on their own college readiness goals and progress.

  • Build and Track Your Own Candidacy Profile: From activities, to extracurriculars, to test scores, honors, college prep courses, and more, the Crimson App gives you an immediate visual gauge of your current profile, prominent achievements and experiences, and potential gaps.
  • Time Management Perfect for College Admissions: Crafted by Crimson Advisors and our IT experts, our college application dashboards include calendars, timelines, and display tools making it easier to track upcoming tasks and activities and optimize time management as you set priorities and juggle deadlines with way less stress.
  • A College Application Assistant in Your Pocket: Designed to simplify the application process, the Crimson App has project management tools designed specifically for your college applications, so you’ll handily manage your school list, Common App applications, and any other applications you need to submit.
  • Unlock Community with Other Motivated Students: The Crimson App makes it fun and easy to meet and learn about Crimson students from other regions, join online events, and more.
  • Keep in Touch with Crimson Team Members: The App makes it fast and easy for you and your Advisor to stay in touch, share resources, and make or update appointments. And, thanks to recent updates, parents and students will find it easier to browse profiles of counselors and tutors whenever they need to find and connect with the most qualified support staff on the Crimson team, for IB or SAT tutoring for example, or additional essay coaching.
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What Is the Crimson App’s Newest Feature?

Our technology team members are innovators committed to keeping Crimson at the forefront when it comes to software that streamlines the college planning application process and enhances access to Crimson services and resources.

Some of the earliest features on the Crimson App helped students communicate with their Advisors and manage session scheduling. One of those features allows Advisors to share session notes and summaries with students and parents, along with other relevant resources.

For a long time, the downside of this process was the time-consuming nature of the Advisor’s task — preparing the summaries manually after each session, along with the manual notetaking required during the Advising session.

Recently, our IT specialists improved the Crimson App with the introduction of a new AI-powered Session Summary tool. The new tool streamlines interactions between Advisors (or other team members), automating notetaking and instantaneously yielding high-quality session summaries after a sessions ends.

Now Advisors are spending more time staying focused on important session details, instead of taking copious notes, and they’re dedicating valuable post-session time to expanding services and opportunities for students in ways that matter most.

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Impact Beyond Efficiency

While the new session-capture tools not only save time for our staff and accelerate the delivery of session summaries to students and parents, they enhance quality as well.

Our IT team designed and tested the session capture tools to ensure students and parents get highly accurate summaries matching or surpassing in clarity and detail the briefings team members used to process manually. And, instead of typing session summaries, team members are focusing more time on things like researching internship opportunities or curating the best ideas for extracurricular activities.

How Crimson App’s “Session Summary” Feature Works for Crimson Team Members

Crimson Advisors will be excited to know that the new session capture tool, currently available for English language communications, is easy to activate and use.

The new "Session Summary" tool is accessible at the heart the App’s advising interface, nestled between Meeting Agenda and Session Notes.

After activating the “Session Summary” feature by refreshing their user profile, Advisors can quickly upload a Zoom-session transcript and receive a high-quality summary of the discussion. This new feature promises to save Crimson Advisors and other team members countless hours previously spent on manual notetaking. What’s more, these AI-generated summaries are not just for staff convenience; they're visible to students and attached to post-session emails sent directly to parents and students through the App.

Should the automated summaries ever fail to meet expectations, you should let us know, but you can always toggle off the “Session Summary” automation, anytime, with ease, and revert to creating notes and summaries manually.

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Who Benefits from the New Session Summary Feature?

This feature is primarily crafted for Advisors and other Strategists — saving time and improving quality. However, we encourage all Crimson team members to explore its capabilities across various session types. Crimson team members can share feedback by reaching out to the designated Crimson IT support team.

The new feature also benefits Crimson students and parents by improving speed and accuracy with regard to session summaries and eliminating unnecessary notetaking distractions for the participating Crimson team members.

Students can share any feedback or questions about session summaries or any App features with their personal Crimson team leader, for assistance,  especially if any automated summaries fail to meet their expectations.

Every user's input is highly valued as we work together to refine this tool.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply ensure your Crimson App profile is up to date, in order to enable the new feature. After updating your profile, you should see the “Session Summary” options and tools and be ready to try them out! It’s really that easy.

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What’s Next for the Crimson App?

We’ll keep you posted on new innovations and features as they come online. Suffice it to say, as proud as we are of our technologies, we’re not putting technology before people. We remain committed to our team-driven approach to success — investing in both human talent and cutting edge-technologies to ensure Crimson Education remains the global leader in college admissions consulting, providing high-quality, personalized, and results-driven college advising services.

Leading Innovation in College Admissions Advising

Our leadership position — with support from creative IT specialists and the cumulative insights of our FAOs and other Advisors and Strategists — has allowed us to create a cutting-edge college advising tool responsive to all the nuances of college admissions planning and fully aligned with the best Crimson has to offer.

Unlike generic tools that often produce content with little relevance, added value, or practical applications, the Crimson App is creatively designed to be a useful day-to-day assistant for parents and students — from strategic planning and staying on top of deadlines, to keeping connected with Crimson staff and seamlessly engaging with Crimson’s myriad resources, communities, and events…

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Today, the Crimson App is the pinnacle of technology integration in the college admissions space, but we continue to boldly envision new adaptations and applications.

Crimson team members are motivated by a common focus on students’ college admissions goals and results. And when it comes to continuously improving students’ Crimson experience and helping each student achieve beyond their expectations, our tech teams embrace experimentation and innovation.

A Future of AI-Powered Excellence

The Session Summary tool is just a beginning… We we anticipate many potential AI-powered features will continue to transform the Crimson App and empower its users in the next year or two. Our commitment is to ensure that the Crimson App stays at the forefront of college admissions planning, evolving as fast as emerging technologies and our collective imagination allow.

We hope everyone feels they can join us as we embrace a new era of AI-enhanced college admissions advising and coaching. Thanks to the Crimson App, our collective journey towards greater college opportunities for students around the world gets smarter and more efficient every year!

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Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried the Crimson App for yourself, we hope you’ll get started today. Remember, while the Crimson App streamlines the Advising process, it’s always been more than just that — created for the sole purpose of helping students achieve their college admissions dreams, while making the journey to college more productive, less stressful, more strategic, and more fun!

If you’re ready to jump start your college journey or take yours to the next level — and get some genuine, individualized help with all the ins and outs of the process — schedule your consultation with an Advisor today. This free consultation is a great way to uncover ways Crimson can help you chart a path to your top-choice colleges and universities.