Crimson Student Success: Class of 2025 Admissions

09/04/20213 minute read
Crimson Student Success: Class of 2025 Admissions

At many top universities, application numbers skyrocketed for the Class of 2025, meaning acceptance rates plummeted. Despite the most competitive admissions round in history, Crimson students have still beaten the odds, with our students receiving more than 1,000 offers from world-leading universities in 2021 — including 110+ from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, MIT and the Ivy League!

Elite universities have been reporting soaring application numbers for months, naturally leading to significant decreases in acceptance rates. For the Class of 2025, NYU (which only 8 years ago had an acceptance rate of 35%) received more than 100,000 applications for the first time in its history, leading to a 12.8% acceptance rate; at MIT, a massive 66% increase in applications saw the university’s acceptance rate almost cut in half; and seven of the eight Ivy League universities announced acceptance rates below 6.5% with those at Harvard, Princeton and Columbia dropping below 4% — an all-time low for any university.

This trend has sparked concern among many in the college admissions sphere — especially applicants competing against tens of thousands of other students! Given drastic increases in applications alongside a largely unchanged number of available places at top universities, their notoriously low acceptance rates were even smaller this year.

This is why we’re so proud to share that students who submitted university applications with Crimson have received a collective 1,000 offers from world-leading institutions this year!

In the latest admissions round, Crimson students received offers from every one of the Top 50 universities in the US, and Top 30 universities in the UK, with several gaining admission to multiple Ivies and Stanford! Since 2013, our students have received 126 offers from Oxbridge and over 350 from the Ivy League — with 20% of those offers received this year alone.

Crimson’s accepted students represent over 25 different countries including the US, UK, Korea,  Japan, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Bahrain, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Myanmar and more.

Each working with their own dedicated teams of strategists, tutors and mentors, our students worked for months to perfect their university applications, from polishing their standardized test scores to curating their extracurriculars to writing compelling application essays. With guidance from their teams through every step of the process, our students’ hard work and dedication paid off!

At Crimson, our students are up to 4x more likely to gain admission to top universities than those who apply on their own. To learn more about how our admissions experts help students submit stand-out college applications to get into their dream universities year after year, click the link below.