Aspiring Entrepreneurs, This One’s For You: Crimson Education Has Acquired Unfiltered

12/02/20212 minute read
Aspiring Entrepreneurs, This One’s For You: Crimson Education Has Acquired Unfiltered

Crimson students will now have unlimited access to content from Unfiltered, which hosts 300 videos featuring leading entrepreneurs and business people from around the world.

At Crimson we believe in supporting the holistic development of every child; setting them up for success academically, and in life. To realize this vision, we're focused on increasing Crimson students’ access to the best and brightest minds — those paving the way for future generations to lead, and to change the world.

In line with this philosophy, Crimson has acquired Unfiltered — a video platform providing exclusive interviews and insights from world leaders in business and entrepreneurship —  and its entire catalog of around 300 interviews. Featured execs include 42 founders of Unicorn companies (startups valued over $1 billion) and leaders from companies including Virgin, Tesla, Slack, Zoom, SoulCycle, Twitch, Dropbox and more.

The videos are strategically designed to help viewers optimize their learning, with interviewers asking their subjects targeted questions that aim to address relevant and thought-provoking topics. This unique learning framework generates videos spanning a wide range of specified topics to help viewers find and get the most out of the videos that interest them. Unfiltered describes itself as “a vault of curated wisdom, insights and inspiration for the best, by the best.”

Unfiltered’s content, which targets entrepreneurs and startup founders seeking to overcome obstacles on the path to growth, provides valuable insights for aspiring business professionals and will serve Crimson students as a means of career exploration.

Crimson and Unfiltered are united by their goal to democratize learning resources and fuel the knowledge economy with versatile, accessible EdTech solutions. The acquisition represents their embrace of the role of virtual learning as the future of education and entrepreneurship. With many Crimson students launching companies and initiatives even before finishing high school, Unfiltered will provide a valuable knowledge base for young people wanting to learn more about potential pathways.