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Chicago, Illinois

About The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is an urban research university that has driven new ways of thinking since 1890. They hold a commitment to free and open inquiry, drawing numerous inspired scholars to the campus, where ideas are born that challenge and change the world. This private, medium-sized, 4-year institution is located within one of the United States’ busiest cities and offers primarily residential living. This coeducational college offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

A Brief History
A brief history

Established in 1856, the University of Chicago was initially funded through donations from wealthy Chicagoans and the oil magnet John D. Rockefeller.

General info
General information

Beyond the arts and sciences, UChicago has a reputation for its professional schools, including the Pritzker School of Medicine, the Booth School of Business, and the Harris School of Public Policy.


Acceptance Rate


Average SAT Score

33 - 35

Average ACT Score

3.7 - 4.0

GPA Aim (top of class)
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  • Undergrad degree: 4 year liberal arts
  • Public or Private: Private
  • Setting: Urban
  • Residential Status: Primarily on campus
  • Number of Undergraduates: 6,734 (approx)
  • Number of Freshman: 1,726 (approx)
  • Acceptance Rate: 6.2%

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What is UChicago's QS World University Ranking?


What is UChicago's US News Ranking?


How many undergraduate fields of study does UChicago have?


What is UChicago's Student-Faculty Ratio?


What percentage of UChicago students are international students?


What percentage of UChicago students live on campus?


What is the median starting salary of UChicago graduates?

$58,000 USD

How many varsity sports teams are there at UChicago?


How hard is it to get into UChicago?

Very! UChicago’s acceptance rate is just over 6%.

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  • How Max Got Into UChicago to Study Literature & Physics
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UChicago boasts more than 150,000 living alumni. The university has produced 34 Nobel Laureates, 5 heads of state and 17 Pulitzer Prize winners. Notable alumni include presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, American economist Milton Friedman, writer Susan Sontag and economist Paulo Guedes.

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2020년 시카고 대학교에 합격한 크림슨 학생 돈의 이야기를 들어보세요.

Don chose UChicago for its Economics and Public Policy programs, but is excited to discover other opportunities a liberal arts education can provide him.

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