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- *How to strategize your extracurricular profile to get attention of Admissions Officers* - *Explore your passion and develop your personal brand for future success* - *Tips to help you level up your candidacy* **This is your chance to learn the tips on building an oustanding extracurricular profile!**- *Ivy League Former Admissions Officer's tips on major selection* - *Strategy behind picking the right major* - *Popular university majors in the US* - *How to maximize your chances by choosing the best fit major* **This is your chance to learn the tips on selecting a major!**- *Lexile level guide & Reading guide for young students* - *SSAT vs. ISEE for G6-8 students and test preparation strategy* - *Extra-curricular activities & projects for G6-8 students* **Chance to learn how to prepare US university admissions towards HYPS as a G6-8 student in 15 minutes!**- *Common Data Set Analysis (US Top 11-20 university characteristics)* - *Famous major and major rankings from US Top 20 Universities (Brown, Cornell, UPenn, UCLA, and more)* **Chance to get accurate statistics of US university admissions as well as admissions strategy in 15 minutes!**