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Everything you need to know about university applications: academics, extracurriculars, high school self-study, and more!
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✨Career exploration process 🔎Extra-curricular activities for younger students 🏆Case Study on preparing early ⏰ Date & Time: 11/19 (SAT) AM 10:30 (KST)In this offline seminar, we'll talk about... 🔸Crimson, the world's No. 1 University consulting company's special EC strategies 🔸Professional analysis to design student's successful admissions journey 🔸Introduction of the online/offline blended international school program (aka Crimson Global Academy) ⏰ Date & Time: 12/3 (SAT) AM 11:00 (KST) 📍Loaction: Makers Academy Classroom (2nd floor, 844, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)In this webinar, we'll cover... ✅US State Univ. lists that you can apply after Jan. & Admissions Tips ✅Differences in Trasfer: Freshman VS. Sophomore ✅Case Studies of the successful trasfer to Yale, Columbia, and Cornell ⏰Date & Time: 12/10 (SAT) AM 10:30 (KST)In this webinar, we'll cover... 📍Analyze the Ivy League Admissions Evaluation System 📍How to Prepare Your/Your child's Application Paper 📍Case Studies of the Asian Students who got into the Ivy Leauge after Early Round Failure ⏰Date & Time: 12/17 (SAT) AM 10:30 (KST)

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- *How to strategize your extracurricular profile to get attention of Admissions Officers* - *Explore your passion and develop your personal brand for future success* - *Tips to help you level up your candidacy* **This is your chance to learn the tips on building an oustanding extracurricular profile!**- *Ivy League Former Admissions Officer's tips on major selection* - *Strategy behind picking the right major* - *Popular university majors in the US* - *How to maximize your chances by choosing the best fit major* **This is your chance to learn the tips on selecting a major!**
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Meet Some Of Our Expert Speakers

Speakers at our webinars come from all over the world. They have studied or worked at the best universities and are eager to demystify the journey into top universities as well as inspire you during these difficult times.


Webinar Clips

We've taken the best parts of recent webinars and created bite-sized clips for you. Listen to some of the pearls of wisdom we got from our expert speakers!
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