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5 Ways To Build Your Extracurriculars for Top US University Admissions!

  • What are extracurriculars and why they matter?
  • How admissions officers evaluate extracurriculars?
  • Case Studies: Which applicants would YOU admit?
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Extracurriculars make up 30% of your application!

Each year, top US universities continue to set record-lows for acceptance rates. With such fierce competition, how will you stand out from the rest?🤔

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • 🔎What kind of extracurriculars are top US universities looking for
  • How to build 🔑a timeline with actionable steps for successful EC profile each grade
  • 🎓ECL Case Studies: Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Duke, Cornell, UChicago.
  • How Crimson can help you💡

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Crimson Education ebook mockup

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