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The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Admission: From Indonesia to Top US and UK Universities 2022

De-mystify the university admissions process to learn how to get into US and UK universities and decide which system is best for you!

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Learn everything students from Indonesia need to know about applying to top US and UK universities

Applying to leading US and UK universities can be a massive undertaking — especially if you’re doing so from another country!

In this eBook, we’ve broken down the process into comprehensive steps with extensive details on:

  • US vs. UK: key differences and choosing where to apply
  • Academics: grades, curricula, and standardized tests
  • Extracurriculars and ‘supercurriculars’
  • Application essays
  • Interviews
  • Teacher references
  • For parents: how to support your child

Each section dives deep into everything there is to know about applying to competitive universities in both the US and UK, with even more free resources linked throughout the eBook!

Crimson Education ebook mockup

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