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California Dreaming: How to Get Into Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Beyond!

Get exclusive insights from a UC former admissions officer and a UC Berkeley admit from Indonesia on what these universities are looking for and how you can stand out from the crowd.

Your roadmap from Indonesia to Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA and more.

Last application cycle, UCLA received 140,000+ applicants - more than any other school in the US! Similarly, Stanford had to delay announcing its admissions offers because of how many applications it received. It’s not easy to stand out among thousands of other qualified applicants - especially as an international student.

That’s why we have Crimson Strategist & UC Former Admissions Officer, Mason and UC Berkeley and UCLA Admits, Francessco and Mitchell, break it down to you about:

  • What top US universities actually look for in Indonesia applicants
  • Strategies and recommended timelines on how you can receive offers at top California universities
  • How you can scale stand-out extracurriculars to boost your application
  • Tips on preparing for your application essays and supplemental prompts

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Meet Our Expert: Mason Hill

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Communication and Psychology, Mason stayed at UCSB as an Admissions Officer, working with students from all over the world as a UCSB and UC-system representative. After his Admissions Officer time, Mason has supported numerous international students to top-tier universities, including Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and more. Currently, he is enrolled in the Master of Education Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

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