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Prep yourself with in-depth knowledge about the US/UK admissions process by joining our EXCLUSIVE webinars and events of invaluable advice from our Crimson experts. Let's accelerate your journey to success today!


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Everything you need to know about university applications: academics, extracurriculars, high school self-study, and more.

#### The event you don't want to miss! Getting accepted to top US/UK universities requires long-term tactical preparation and a well-planned strategy. How can Hong Kong students stand out from applicants around the world, especially when the acceptance rates of top universities are stunningly low? **(Harvard’s latest acceptance rate last year was just 3.43%.)** Sign up today to hear directly from a **Harvard and an Oxford Former Admissions Officer (FAOs) **on how to secure the very best university education the UK and US have to offer for Hong Kong students! **You will learn:** - The latest admissions requirements and the COVID-19 impact - What happens inside the decision room? A breakdown of the selection process for international applicants - Why are certain applicants admitted? Live mock admission decision-making by Harvard and Oxford FAOs - Get your questions answered: Hear Harvard and Oxford FAOs debate and fight it out for good studentsChat to experienced doctors and current medical students to learn how to gain admission into medical school! Things we will dive deep: - Exams required for medical schools - What to do to stand out from the admissions competition - Skills to successfully ace the interview and receive an offer

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We've taken the best parts of recent webinars and created bite-sized clips for you. Listen to some of the pearls of wisdom we got from our expert speakers!
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Speakers at our webinars come from all over the world. They have studied or worked at the best universities and are eager to demystify the journey into top universities as well as inspire you during these difficult times.

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