Crimson students are 3x more likely to gain admission to top programs.

Crimson's Postgraduate Services provides top-tier consulting for admission to US & UK graduate and doctoral programs in fields such as Law, Medicine, CS, Engineering, Political Economics, and the Social Sciences.

Why Crimson's Postgraduate Services?

Admission rates to top US & UK postgraduate programs are as low as 4.5%, and it’s crucial that you have field-specific expertise informing your applications.

That’s why Crimson uses a field-specific mentorship model. Combined with our multi-tier package options, our services help you identify best-fit programs and craft as compelling and competitive a personal narrative as you can.

But there’s more! Crimson comprises a global network of Strategists, mentors, and students passionate about growth and changing the world. Joining us is more than purchasing an admissions service: it’s gaining an experience, with unparalleled access to professionals, coaches, educators, and an alumni network of similarly inspired rising academics and young professionals.

We invite you to see for yourself.

admissions specialist
World-Class Strategists

Our Strategists aren't just consultants: they include professors, former deans and admissions officers, multidisciplinary professionals, and nationally recognized fellows in their respective fields. You'll be paired with an expert familiar with the nuances of your own field.

personalised support
Modular Package Options

We know that candidacy development is a process, so Crimson offers more than traditional admissions support. Whether you need application guidance, test prep, career coaching, or PhD proposal support, we craft a package to ensure you can boost every side of your applications.

Top-Notch Tutors

All our testing tutors have stood as star performers in their own fields and programs. Crimson doesn't connect you with the best tutor in your area: we connect you with the best in the world.

simulated practice
Simulated Practice

Whether for testing or interviews, you'll be taken through a rigorous preparation period including questions, mocks, and feedback that simulate the real experience.

constant support

Working around an academic or professional schedule? Schedule online instruction and support with your tutors & admissions specialists anywhere, anytime.

proven results
Track Record

Our students have gained admission to programs at schools like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and Columbia; they've become Fulbright Scholars; and they've gone on to become formidable professionals in their fields. At Crimson, we don't leave anything up to chance when preparing you to own your future.

Our students get into their dream universities

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