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Crimson Enrichment Club - Summer Break Edition!

The latest pandemic situation brings forward most schools’ summer break. This immense shift in the school calendar adds stress and disrupts students’ original summer plans. With the summer break coming up, discover high-impact programs and courses we offer below to strengthen the competitiveness of your university application profile. The pandemic is never an excuse for bright students who constantly seek challenges!

Exclusive Courses and Programs for the Summer Break

We offer ambitious high school students a range of unique extracurricular activities such as internship opportunities, academic research projects, coding courses, and even additional curricula that you can take outside of school at your fingertips! Click the small boxes below to find out more!

Internship Opportunities


Coding Courses


IGCSE, A-Levels, AP Courses


Research Programs


Bite-sized Courses

Crimson Career Internship Opportunities

Crimson Careers offers high school students unique internship experience in Fortune 500 Companies. Our month-long fully immersive work experience programs allow students to meet industry professionals, network globally and walk away with a referral letter for college/job applications!

Who Is Eligible? High school students who

- possess fluency in English - can commit to attend the one-month program fully

Program Fee

HKD$39,500 per internship

Internship Opportunities for you

to gain real-world exposure and industry knowledge with Fortune 500 companies!

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Crimson Code Courses

Developed and built by graduates from the world's leading Computer Science institutions (Stanford and Duke), Crimson Code offers 12-week, live, project-based coding courses.

Why should you join Crimson Code?

  • Create a Coding Portfolio for STEM university applications
  • Affordable cost with certifications from Amazon and Microsoft

Who should join:

Students from 14 to 17 years old with passion for coding and good English ability.

Program Fee: HKD$8,600 per course

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Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully-registered international online high school offering live, real-time classes to students all around the world. Anytime, anywhere. Designed to challenge, students graduate with the International GCSE, International A-Level and Advanced Placement (AP) qualifications which are globally recognised for their academic rigour, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

More about CGA:


Access our classes from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world


Accelerate beyond your traditional school grade level with our online classes


Students study in small class sizes (no larger than 12 per class), and get the benefit of real-time virtually private instruction in a classroom setting


Instruction by teachers with 20+ years of experience on average.


Approximately HKD$30,000 per subject per year, excluding application and examination fees

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Crimson Research Institute (CRI)

Crimson Research Institute (CRI) is designed for high academic achievers who are intellectually curious. It provides them the opportunity to complete an in-depth, independent research paper or project with guidance from PhDs and top university faculty.

Our Research Mentors – professors, lecturers, and PhD students with years of research experience – will help students not only to complete their own small, independent research project in a specific discipline, but also to source potential publishers, obtain patents or copyrights if applicable, and more.

Who is eligible? High school students who possess:

- excellent grades (ranking top 25% in your school cohort) - fluency in English - a research question of interest or research direction - experience reading papers in academic journals - excellent time management skills

Program Fee

Ranges from HKD$20,800 to HKD$99,800

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Crimson Sprints Short-Term Capstone Course

Are you looking for bite-size courses to develop unique edges for your university applications, such as public speaking, research-based writing or fundamental stock market investing?

Crimson Sprints provides high-school students with exclusive curricula developed by elite universities graduates in their respective fields. Students will receive small class teaching with 5-10 like-minded peers and finish the course in 8 weeks (16 hours).

Program Fee: HKD$6,200 per course

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