Ignite Your Child’s Potential from G5/ Y6: Early Career Exploration and Planning for Top University Success

Learn the actionable steps on how to inspire and guide a student in Hong Kong aged 10 - 14 to develop a competitive application!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

8:30 PM HKT

Virtual (via Zoom Webinar)

The Early Years of A Child Count!

Are you building your hopes on your child’s success in studying at top universities overseas? Primary and junior high school lay the foundation for university application. (Fun fact: Students who worked with Crimson for at least 4 years are 9.1x more likely to receive offers from the Ivy League unis!) Want to best prepare your child to gain admission to world-class universities, like the Ivy League and Oxbridge? Don't wait until the last years of high school! Help them make an informed decision on choosing the right extracurriculars and setting career goals. Join this exclusive webinar featuring Christian, a Crimson Strategy Consultant, to discover strategies to help your child find passions, explore interests, and gain experiences that impress top schools. Register now to set your child on a path to university success!

Meet Your Speaker: Christian Kim

  • Strategy Consultant at Crimson Rise
  • B.A. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, University of Oxford
  • Vice-President of the undergraduate body of his college at Oxford
  • The founder of Auckland Schools Legal Mooting, an organisation that has revolutionised the way that students can think about legal careers in Auckland, New Zealand

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