Make Your Child the Best Candidate for Ivy League/Oxbridge!

Helping your child win a place at TOP universities requires strategy! Prepare early in your child’s academic pathway to maximise their chances of acceptance.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

12:30 PM CUT

Virtual (via Zoom Webinar)

Designed for parents of children aged 11 - 14!

A comprehensive application profile that brings your child to the top university in the world requires years of preparation. Want to learn how you can help your child reach their maximum potential? Join our webinar and get exclusive insights from the Director of Crimson Rise (our university preparation program for students aged 11 - 14), Cassidy Goldblatt, who has helped countless students gain admission to top universities like Cornell, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley and more!

Meet Your Speaker: Cassidy Goldblatt

Currently a Crimson Strategy Consultant and the Director for Crimson Rise, Cassidy guides her students to pinpoint their strengths and discover new interests; cultivate essential organisation habits and communication skills; and develop candidacy for top-tier US universities and boarding schools.

In all her work, she aims to share a personal enthusiasm for exploratory discovery in a way that will equip students to take ownership of their own education, carrying them far beyond her interactions with them. Cassidy’s students have gained admissions to Johns Hopkins, Cornell, UC Berkeley, U Michigan and more!


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