How Bhuvana Relayed Her Research to Readers

11/02/20213 minute read
How Bhuvana Relayed Her Research to Readers

It’s not every day that high school students find themselves conducting research on the most monumental virus of our lifetime, but this was certainly the case for Bay Area student, Bhuvana.

With a passion for women’s health, epidemiology, STEM, and supporting her community, Bhuvana took her skills to new heights this past year. As a way to keep track of her findings and share her knowledge with her community, Bhuvana created her own blog titled The Healthcare Hustle.

“As a news enthusiast myself, I really value being aware of what is happening in the world around me. I started writing as a current events writer on my school’s health magazine when I realized that I wanted to also educate others and raise awareness about certain topics. I then wanted to expand my audience to my articles by starting my own blog! Healthcare is such an important topic to stay updated about and many people just need a quick way to find out more about what’s happening in the industry, which is the goal of my blog,” Bhuvana shared.

While there are countless topics related to STEM for students to focus on and dedicate their educations to, usually one or two stick out. For Bhuvana, it was public health: “I enjoy writing about public health updates the most, from what steps our government is currently taking to address the pandemic to the prioritization of mental health care. Every choice the government makes, especially in an industry as important as healthcare, impacts our lives. I want to make sure my readers can really understand these public health decisions and what they mean at the individual level.”

Inspired by the current global pandemic and spread of COVID-19, Bhuvana dedicated her extra time away from school, her friends, and family, to study the effects of the virus and how it has impacted her community. She’s taken her learnings from this research experience and presented it in her blog in a way that’s digestible and easy to understand for her readers.

“I think my experience doing research this summer along with my past experience as a current events writer definitely helped develop my interests in COVID-19, mental health, and the healthcare field generally. I was able to learn so much and realized that I could share all this information with not just the healthcare community but also with many online readers who wanted to educate themselves about these important topics” said Bhuvana.

Check out her latest blog here!

You may be wondering what’s next for Bhuvana… well, she’s working on expanding her extracurricular profile, acing her classes, serving her community, and spending time with family. As for her advice for students looking to pursue a similar activity, Bhuvana says, “My advice for students interested in pursuing healthcare is that they should really take the time to understand what a career in the field is like and the industry itself. Volunteer, shadow, and do research, but also take the time to read about new technology and treatments in healthcare. Keeping yourself knowledgeable about the medical field as a whole is important!”

Thank you, Bhuvana, for your awesome contributions thus far! We can’t wait to see where you go next!