Celebrating World Public Service Day

22/06/20214 minute read
Celebrating World Public Service Day

Every June 23rd, the world celebrates Public Service Day. This important day honors those who work for the benefit of the general public, including volunteers and those in academia. Many of today’s finest public service professionals graduated from top universities with degrees in Public Service and Administration, Public Health and Administration, Public Policy, and Political Science, amongst others.

What are Public Service Jobs?

Public service jobs play a huge role in our society; many of the world’s most valuable jobs stem from public service degrees. These include social services, government administration, and academia. Other federal careers from public service degrees include librarians, firefighters, and lawyers.

Graduates with public service degrees not only have opportunities to serve and impact their communities, these positions can also lead to financial success and personal fulfillment. Here are three popular public service jobs, their specialties, niches, and paths.

Top Public Service Degrees & Careers


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Students with an undergraduate degree in Public Service often continue their education and either pursue an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) or MPP (Masters in Public Policy). Both paths commonly lead to jobs in business or government administration.

With specializations in public service, public & civil administration, and urban organization, students who pursue an MBA commonly work at top firms, leading projects that improve the quality of life for the general public. Some MBA graduates also work on city councils and with local businesses, planning construction and maintenance projects, improving city landscape for urban residents.

MPP graduates often pursue federal or state-level government occupations. Many congressmen and congresswomen, advisors, campaign managers, and other high-level political individuals all start their careers with a degree in Public Service. Notable examples include the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former Director of the CIA David Petraeus. 


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Judicial careers, such as criminal or civil lawyers, require a JD degree in addition to a  bachelor’s degree in Public Service or something similar. Graduates must also pass the Bar exam in their respective states. 

While considered a more demanding career, lawyers, especially successful ones, commonly live a luxurious lifestyle. Graduates of many of the United States’ top law schools can expect to make $200,000+ in their first year at a leading law firm. 

With specialties such as environmental law, personal injury law, and venture capital law, lawyers have many opportunities to continue their practice in the public service sector, serving those in and out of the courtroom. Politicians also commonly have a JD degree in addition to their public services degree. Notable examples include presidents Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, and Bill Clinton.

Academia and Instruction

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Teaching and research is another notable path for those with public service degrees. These positions often offer equally generous compensation and impact. Since nearly all major universities offer a public policy major and MPP, MBA, and JD degrees, there are plenty of opportunities in academia. Additionally, the majority of professors hold doctorate degrees in their specialty areas. 

Careers in academia are mainly considered immune to future automation because they focus on research and field studies to help develop the field. Many groundbreaking technologies and resources the world uses to maintain a high standard of living were developed by academics with degrees in public service.

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