The World's Top Five School's for Studying Education

15/10/20194 minute read
The World's Top Five School's for Studying Education

There is no doubt that a profession in education is one of the noblest career paths an aspiring academic can pursue.

The opportunity to impart knowledge, build education policy and inspire the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer scientists and more generally, academically enthusiastic young adults, is synonymous with the opportunity to change lives.

So what are the best universities to apply to when it comes to building a career as a world class educator?

Here are the world Top 5 schools for Education study! According to QS World University rankings!


1. University College London (UCL)

London, United Kingdom Monopolizing the number one spot for the past five years, UCL has earned its reputation for offering the best education degree on the planet. Home to the largest education library in Europe, students and researchers regularly collaborate with schools throughout London, having established partnerships with over 600 schools for teacher training. UCL's Institute of Education is all about creating change by addressing society’s most pressing issues and understanding that education is the best was to address them. In collaboration with other world-wide education schools, UCL’s ‘engagement strategy’ sees academics and students working with other educational institutions in over 100 countries around the world.

2. Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Harvard is home to Gutman Library, one of the most famous education libraries in the world. At Gutman, students and faculty can dive into extensive collections focused on everything from government administration and education policy, to psychological development, the history of education and more. Harvard’s Graduate School of Education has a mission statement that encourages their students to learn how to change the world: their degrees and professional education programs exploring every facet of education from pre-kindergarten to college and across the human lifespan.

Stanford Sunset

3. Stanford University

Stanford, California, USA Both Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate programs have earned a reputation for world class education study. Their graduate program offers a diverse range of study options including the Stanford teachers’ education program or STEP, the learning, design/technology program and the policy, organization and leadership program. Stanford’s Graduate School of Education’s mission statement describes a determination to improve lives through learning - via the production of groundbreaking research, model programs and exceptional leaders in education.

Oxford Campus

4. University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom At the University of Oxford's Department of Education students can acquire both a masters degree and a doctoral degree in education. The master’s degree a full-time 1 year course which gives students a grounding in educational research methods and a theoretical understanding of both current and historical education practices. Masters students can choose their own study focus in line with their desired career in the field of education and academia. Oxford’s doctoral program stretches across two to three years and develops students’ skills through a range of research methods and training. Students are given the opportunity to present at a variety of respected education seminars and events as they hone their skills for academic development.


5. University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. Undergrads are guided through three tracks: (all of which are interdisciplinary) the education in psychology and learning track, the educational policy and international development track and the education, English drama and the arts track. Cambridge’s master program involved a full time 10 month course and a part time course in a masters of philosophy in education.

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