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US vs UK: Top University Comparisons

Need help deciding where to apply? Download our eBook and see how the world’s best universities in the US and UK compare!

Investing in your education is an investment in your future — and choosing the right schools is one of the most critical steps in your admissions journey. So where do you start?

The US and UK are home to some of the highest-ranked universities in the world. Looking to the US, you’ll find the Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, and the University of California ‘family’ including UCLA and UC Berkeley. On the other side of the pond in the UK, you have some of the oldest and most prestigious still-standing universities — such as Cambridge and Oxford — dating back almost a century and of course, there’s the Russell Group.

But with many factors to consider, how do you really decide where to apply? Should you work towards Harvard in the intellectual yet vibrant US city of Cambridge, MA, or is UCL at the heart of London calling your name?

We’re here to help you narrow down your options and get closer to your best-fit university.

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Find out which top US vs UK university is right for you!

Using the QS World Rankings 2023, we have ranked the top five universities in the US against the top five universities in the UK. This eBook outlines what distinguishes each of these top-ranked universities from the rest, with facts and figures about each one including:

  • Overview of the student body population
  • Admissions stats and requirements
  • Global ranking and ranking by subject areas
  • Graduate starting salaries
  • Notable alumni

...and much more!

Crimson has helped thousands of students gain admission to top US and UK universities, with more students getting accepted year after year — so let us help you too!

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