Crimson Education's 2023/24 College Rankings: The Top 25 US Colleges

Crimson’s Top 25 List is here to guide your college journey!

Free from arbitrary and irrelevant criteria-based methods, Crimson’s TOP 25 is a college ranking game-changer. Harnessing “cross-yield” data from our global student network, our rankings offer unique insights for comparing prospective colleges and their benefits.

Check out which schools ranked highest for 2023 and use our Top 25 List as one more valuable touch point and resource for your own college decisions.

Use Our Top 25 List to Elevate Your Choices!

We know that pursuing admissions at elite schools is a formidable challenge. But by partnering with Crimson, our students are frequently in the enviable position of fielding multiple offers from elite schools, facing hard choices on where to matriculate. In this landscape, our Top 25 List provides a valuable reference point for your choices — whether it’s where to apply or which offer to accept!

These insights can’t be replicated by other outlets or traditional ranking methods — so you can be confident our Top 25 offers a unique perspective for your own college decision making.

If you’re just starting your college journey, reach out to an Advisor today, because Crimson students are up to 4x or more likely to get into their top-choice schools.

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