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Global Competitions in High School: Tips from the Champions

Join the Tiger Global Case Competition 2021 Public Webinar! Saturday, July 24th 04:00 New York | 09:00 London | 12:00 Dubai | 16:00 Shanghai | 20:00 Auckland

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What is Tiger Global Case Competition?

High school students aged 13-18 step into the shoes of a CEO or consultant to help a real-world business tackle challenges. Each team of 2-4 students has a set amount of time to develop a strategy to address key issues and present them to a team of judges. The team that presents the best solution wins the competition!

Registrations are open until August 3rd, 2021. Learn more about Tiger Global Case Competition.

Global Competitions in High School

Should you compete in global competitions in high school?

Join us for this best-in-class webinar with young and ambitious global competition winners from around the world!

Find YOUR competitive edge to stand out in global competitions.

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What the webinar will cover

Participating in global competitions while still in high school is an excellent way to:

  • attract top universities.
  • practice theory learned in the classroom.
  • demonstrate academic curiosity.
  • be inspired by industry leaders
  • exercise key problem-solving, remote working, and teamwork skills.

Global competitions create a platform for students to learn and participate in a dynamic environment.

This champion panel is well equipped to deliver all the tips!

Bring your questions for a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

See you there!

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Why it's important to join global competition in high school

How such competitions will benefit other areas of your life

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How to find a competitive edge to stand out

How competitions contribute to university preparation

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Who should join?

Ambitious students...

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