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How I Got Into Wharton at UPenn for My Undergraduate Degree (and How You Can Too!)

Do you want to learn more about my journey to studying at Wharton? Curious what tips I have on navigating the tricky admissions process? Join me for this FREE webinar with Crimson Education, where I give you the inside scoop on my entire university journey!


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How can YOU get into Wharton School - UPenn? Join us to find out!

In this FREE online webinar Crimson’s admissions expert, Jeremy, and I are going to talk about what it takes to get accepted into Wharton School - UPenn.

This webinar will cover:

  • My journey of getting into Wharton School
  • Expectations vs. reality of attending an Ivy
  • Things I wish I knew before starting the process
  • Tips and tricks for YOUR university applications

At the end of the webinar, all participants will have the chance to ask their questions during a live Q&A!

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Meet the Speaker

Domonique Cynthia

Wharton School Graduate

Domonique Cynthia is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. As a woman of color in a historically white university, she found a passion for using her creativity, videography and editing skills to help showcase diversity across universities, especially within the Ivy League.

Through her Youtube channel, Domonique has helped demystify the application process, encouraging students all over the world to achieve their academic goals. She aims to ensure that the doors that were opened for her are left open even wider for those who will come next.

US & UK Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Consultant

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