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ECL mentoring


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Interview preparation


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Why Europe and Why Crimson?

Continental Europe is becoming an increasingly popular study destination for students interested in academic excellence and the opportunity to experience the rich European culture (with the benefit of lower cost compared to most US or UK options).

Beyond their amazing locations, in recent years European institutions such as ETH Zurich have also been climbing up the world university rankings.

Don’t speak the language (at least not yet)? That’s not a problem, as there are hundreds of EU undergraduate programs taught in English

Read on to find out more about the EU application process and how working with Crimson can optimise your chances of admission.

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Meet Our European University Admissions Strategists and Application Mentors

Crimson's global network of admissions strategists is comprised of education professionals across the US, UK and Europe who themselves have earned degrees from the very institutions our students aspire to attend. At Crimson, we pair every student with a strategist, tutors and mentors who specialise in the university system they're applying to — meaning applicants to EU universities are paired with a team of EU graduates who are familiar with the requirements and expectations of top EU schools.

01. University selection strategy

Our specialists will help you both wade through the seemingly limitless number of European options and understand how to navigate the diverse university landscape — which is vitally important given application processes can differ from country to country and from university to university.

Our EU experts will:

  • Help you to identify universities that align with your desired course of study and location
  • Focus on universities that align with your preferred teaching method eg: in English
  • Draft roadmaps for each selected higher education institution

To learn more, download and read our free eBook on Studying At World Leading European Universities below.

01. University selection strategy
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02. Academic transcripts and standardised test prep

Your high school grades/proof of graduation are/is the one application component required by all EU universities, but some do have additional academic requirements such as entrance exams or standardised test submission (eg: SAT or ACT). Covering all bases our EU program offers expert tutoring in: + High school subjects across multiple curricula including IB. + IGCSE/A-Levels and AP curricula via our online high school, Crimson Global Academy + SAT and ACT test prep + Specific European university aptitude test prep eg: the IMAT for medicine programs in Italy

Standardised test

03. Extracurricular mentoring

Your extracurricular and leadership (ECL) mentor will help you build your CV or “portfolio of achievements” which is required by many EU universities.

This includes practical support in building on existing extracurriculars and creating new projects related to your intended area of study. Our support includes:

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Identifying and developing your unique personal interests

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Recommending prizes/competitions that will resonate

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Set ECL timelines, goals and tracking of projects progress

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Crafting a well-set out CV/portfolio of achievements

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Sourcing non-academic activities to enhance your application

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Summer planning, internship advice & skill development

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04. Personal statement / motivational essay support

Your EU essay mentors will work with you to build a motivational letter (the EU version of the personal statement) focusing on your academic passions and personal motivations. Our experts will help you brainstorm, build, edit and refine a motivational letter that both explores your past experiences and your future ambitions, encapsulating why your chosen university/course of study will best serve those plans. Interested in learning more about how the EU application process compares to those in the US and UK? Download our free US v UK v EU booklet to learn how the three compare.

05. Admissions interviews

While not all EU universities require an interview, some institutions and courses require students to undertake 1 or even 2 interviews as part of the application process.

Our specialists are not only aware of which universities/courses require this additional step, but also how these interviews are conducted. Your interview specialists will help you:

  • Prep for all likely questions
  • Compose a list of questions you can ask your interviewer in return
  • Perfect your performance and lift your confidence through mock interview prep
  • Learn the art of improvisation so you are prepared for all questions that come your way
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06. Teacher recommendations

While not all EU universities ask for teacher recommendations - some ask for 1, 2 or more. Our experts will know which universities and courses require these letters and will help your teachers draft the recommendations in the desired format. These letters should:

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