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How South Africans can crack the world's top 30 ranked universities

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What South Africans don't realise about applying to study overseas!

Studying at a prestigious university in the US & UK is a dream for many South African students, however, South Africans are often unaware of what is required and how competitive the application process is. Getting accepted requires careful planning, preparation, a solid university application strategy, and access to expert tutors and mentors - all of which begins much earlier than your final grade 12 year!

South Africans struggle to reach the top 30 ranked universities in the world for the following reasons:

  • South African’s don’t realise the difference in requirements between SA & US/UK.
  • US/UK universities select students based on how they “show” they can fit in to what the university is looking for from a prospective student.
  • A large part of the application is based on a student’s profile outside of academic achievements.
  • Universities want students who show potential - are a good fit; have academic potential, are intellectually curious, are passionate and enthusiastic in their area/s of interest, are interesting people.
  • US universities are interested in students who focus on activities outside of the classroom, especially those that have a community impact and show leadership, not just volunteering and participation.
  • South African universities don’t place an emphasis on personal essays and personal statements or supplementary essays.
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Learn the secrets that the successful students to top US and UK universities know.

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  • Grade 8- 12 students and parents
  • Parents who want advice on helping their children get in to top universities
  • Career counsellors and school staff who are interested in learning more about how they can support their students
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We examine the journey for two successful South African students to Oxford and UPenn.

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