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Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, KU Leuven, ETH Zurich… the list goes on! Due to the prestige and popularity of these institutions, many qualified students apply each year, making them some of the most competitive to get into.

Crimson Education connects bright, ambitious students from around the world with seasoned strategists, tutors and mentors who themselves have studied and worked at universities in the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge and many other top schools. With guidance from our global network of admissions experts, hundreds of Crimson students achieve their dream every year to learn at the most prestigious institutions abroad.

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What we do

Crimson is the world leader in US/Canada, UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand (Medicine Admissions), and Postgraduate admissions support. Our students high rate of success is due to our unique model which teams students with Ivy/Oxford/Cambridge & other top admissions experts who work with you 1:1 to perfect every part of your application

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