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European University Admissions

Interested in studying in Europe? From medicine to law and much more, Crimson helps students reach their ultimate European university admissions goals.

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Interview Preparation


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Why Crimson Education?

The process of applying to European universities is not only complex, but also highly competitive, with acceptance rates to top universities like Maastricht and the Sorbonne at an all-time low. Crimson’s unique college admissions consultancy model lifts students above the global applicant pool addressing every aspect of the application with equal intensity.

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01. University Application Strategy

As a Crimson student, your personally matched strategist will help you create an application strategy specifically tailored for you. This includes:

  • The selection of universities and courses (both inside and outside of bundles) based on your interests and profile;
  • Help in setting and tracking short, mid-, and long-term goals using our unique Pathfinder tool;
  • Providing personalized timelines and roadmaps
  • Help in customizing your application to make sure you stand out!

Not sure which universities in Europe are the best Check out our Studying at a World Leading European University eBook which explores the admissions rates, most popular majors, location and other interesting facts about the top institutions across Europe!

01. University selection strategy
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02. Admissions Test Prep

Some European universities will require standardized exams, like the SAT or ACT. Developed by Harvard grads, PhDs and top tutors from around the world, Crimson’s SAT/ACT courses reduce your study time while maximising your results. Other universities, like Bocconi, will require a specific entrance exam, and others still will need you to write an aptitude-specific examination. Want to see test yourself on some 'typical' SAT questions? Download this free mini-test with answers here.


03. CV, Activities, and Portfolio

Having a highly personalised and comprehensive extracurricular and leadership (ECL) profile is essential to creating a competitive college application. It is necessary to showcase your personal and intellectual interests in a way that helps you stand out above the crowd. These six points represent the key building blocks your Crimson ECL mentor will work with you to achieve.

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Identify and develop your unique personal interests

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Brainstorm ideas and narrow down on a project plan

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Set timelines and goals

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Build a project infrastructure

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
If applicable, recruit partners or find funding

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Market your project and scale it to make more impact

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04. Motivation Letters Support

Your motivational letters - depending on your desired course and university - hold a great deal of importance. Crimson provides expert advice and guidance in crafting whatever letters need to be written. That's why we provide every student with a specialist essay mentor — someone who has graduated from a top university themselves and knows what admissions officers are looking for. We help you detail exactly how your major will serve your future career plans, and we can assist you in carving out a compelling personal narrative that will help you stand head and shoulders above the other applicants.

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05. Interview Preparation

When it comes to Europe, the interview provides a crucial chance to impress your target universities. But what will they ask you and how do you prepare?

Crimson’s experienced interview mentors will walk you through all possible question scenarios, undertaking mock interviews and showing you how you can shine in a limited period of time — both in answering the questions you are asked, and coming up with relevant university-specific questions you can ask in return.

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06. Academic Enrichment

Crimson can help you build out your academic profile to best support your specific application, depending on what career path you intend to follow through your university applications. We can provide:

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