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Earn Moola to spend on a range of Crimson services!

Are you ready to earn more Moola for Mahala?

As a Crimson student you can earn Crim$on Moola credits towards a range of Crimson services just by; writing a Google business review; referring a friend;  joining an event, and more!

Use your Crimson Moola towards an Internship

choose between Uber Internship, KPMG internship, Denton's Law internship and more...

Get more SAT support

Need more SAT tutoring hours or some additional extracurricular and leadership support?

Apply to more Universities

Use your Crimson Moola to get additional support in applying to more universities?

Already received an Offer?

Crimson students who have already received a university offer can use Crimson Moola to level up their writing skills ahead of the start of university.

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