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Grade 12 App year students for 2021/2022 US & UK Admissions

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US/ UK university deadlines are just 6 months away!!!

Studying at the world's most prestigious universities is a dream for many South African students. But South Africans are often unaware of what is required and how competitive the application process is.

With just over 6 months until early US applications and UK Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge); Medicine; Veterinary, and Dentistry application deadlines, AND just over 8 months until regular application deadlines to universities around the world you don't have very long to cover what you need to.

Joining Crimson gives you access to an App-Year Programme designed to give you the best chance to succeed! Let Crimson help you with:

  • Best-fit university and major - Choosing from thousands of universities around the world, all very different from one another in teaching approach, number of years, course structure, course outcomes and much more…
  • Application support - Ensuring you have clear application plans, timelines and milestones to navigate the various application requirements in order to receive the acceptances you hope for
  • Personal Statement/Essays - Depending on where you apply in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, etc, you will have a number of essays to submit. Knowing how to structure these essays for admissions officers will make the world of difference
  • Admissions Tests - Whether it's the SAT for the US or Europe or the LNAT or BMAT for Law or Medicine, you may be required to write admission tests for particular universities or majors
  • Interview preparation - Preparing for the rigorous interview process for majors like medicine gives you the best chance of success.
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