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Webinar Series: - ALL ABOUT...

24/11/2: Studying in Canada

08/2/21: Universities In the UK and Europe

26/01/22: How to identify Where to study

23/02/22 The SATS

30/03/22 Great universities beyond Harvard

27/04/22: California universities

25/05/22: US essay writing

29/06/22: UK essay writing

27/07/22: Application milestones

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10/11: UK University Milestones: Your university checklist

15/12: Oxbridge and Ivy

12/01: Oxbridge and Ivy

09/02: Oxbridge and Iv

16/03: Oxbridge and Iv

13/04: Oxbridge and Ivy

11/05: Oxbridge and Ivy

15/06: Oxbridge and Iv

13/07: Oxbridge and Ivv

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Webinar Series: HOW I GOT IN...

17/11/21 To Canada

22/12/21: To Imperial College London

19/01: To the Ivy League

16/02: To a top US business school

23/03: To study Medicine

20/04: To UCLA

18/05: T0 Harvard

22/06 To Oxford

20/07: To Europe

Crimson Student Success

Check out some of Crimson’s student success rate statistics. Our student admission numbers include:

  • 368 offers to the Ivy League
  • 137 offers to Oxford and Cambridge
  • 2,200 offers to the US Top 50 universities
  • 950+ offers to the UK Top 10 universities
  • 400+ offers to Offers to the major UC colleges including UCLA and UC Berkeley
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