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Prepare Early when applying to study overseas!

Students who gain admission to the likes of Oxford and Harvard will have showcased an outstanding set of unique activities and these take time to develop. The best applicants know that the path to top universities is years in the making. You should be spending the 3-4 years before you apply exploring your options, planning your subject combinations, deepening your knowledge of your areas of interest, and in some majors like medicine, gaining hands-on experience that will allow you to succeed both as a student and in your future career.

For South African and other African students, it’s important for you to go ‘beyond the classroom’. This may mean doing significant work alongside your class and school work. This could include:

  • taking additional subjects,
  • independent online courses
  • independent research projects
  • gaining some work experience (virtual or otherwise!),
  • and even participating in national or international competitions.
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Don't leave your preparation for your final year of school?

Grades 10-11’s start preparing now for admissions abroad!

You've only got 10 months before these application deadlines

UK Medicine — 1 Oct 2022 Oxford & Cambridge — 15 Oct 2022

And only one year till final deadlines for:

UK Applications deadline- 15 January 2023 US Applications deadline- 1 January 2023

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We examine the journey for two successful South African students to Oxford and UPenn.

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