Celebrating our 2020 Crimson Student Successes!

21 SEPT 2020

At Crimson, as our admission numbers grow, we celebrate not just the successes of our students, but how lucky we've been to be part of their admissions journey. For six years, we have been fortunate enough to be included in the magical days when our students receive that life-changing message: “Congratulations - You’re In!”

As for 2020, this year was even more special for us, as, in the midst of the global pandemic, our hard-working students received their best results yet.

Across the world, our students have defied the odds by being accepted to the likes of Harvard, Duke, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, Berkeley, UCLA, and many more top leading universities, at up to 4x the general acceptance rate.

A snapshot of a few Crimson student results…

We’re excited to share just a few students’ amazing achievements in the 2020 admissions round. More details will be available through student stories and videos, soon!

  • New York student, William, gained admission to Brown, USC, Vanderbilt, Cornell, Dartmouth, NYU, Georgia Tech, Northeastern, Case Western, and others after combining his love for music and computer science through extracurriculars.
  • A California student gained admission to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and others after starting a community organization that raises mental health awareness through the arts.
  • Colorado student, Cenon, gained admission to USC, UC Berkeley, New York University, Boston University, and others after writing a thoughtful essay on how her dance experience shaped her leadership style.
  • A Toronto student gained admission to MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and others after conducting high-level research in physics and winning several math competitions.

2020 Results Chart

How do Crimson’s admissions rates stack up against national averages?

In short, very well! Crimson students on average were more than 3x more likely to gain admission to their universities of choice compared to the average applicant. For some universities such as Yale, Columbia, and Stanford, Crimson students were almost 4x more likely to gain admission than the average applicant.

Check out our results:

Ivy League

Drumroll please… 85 Crimson students were accepted to the Ivy League in 2020! On average, global applicants have a 7% acceptance rate to the Ivy League. Crimson students show a 21% success rate - pretty exciting!

Oxford & Cambridge

If the Ivy League acceptances weren’t exciting enough, we had 40 Crimson students gain acceptance this past application round to Oxford & Cambridge. On average, global applicants have a 19% success rate to Oxbridge, whereas Crimson students had a 48% success rate this past application cycle!

Top 10 US Universities

The top 10 universities in the United States fluctuate just a bit every year depending on U.S. News & World Report’s rankings. This past application round, 97 Crimson students were offered admission to the United States’ top 10 universities! On average, global applicants typically have a 9% success rate; in 2020, Crimson students had a 29% acceptance rate.


When applying for colleges and universities, it is important for students to have a solid list of safety, target, and reach schools. In this past application round, 100% of Crimson students gained admission into at least one of their safety schools! For their target schools, 95% of Crimson students were admitted, and 45% of our students gained admission to their reach schools. If this wasn’t already enough to celebrate, 20% of our students were given offers by their extreme reach school!

Congratulations class of 2024! We are so proud of you and all of the hard work you put in to set up your future. It was undoubtedly one of the most unprecedented and difficult years to date for university admissions… but we did it!

Shannon F.

Written by

Shannon F.

Shannon completed her Bachelors at Franklin University Switzerland where she majored in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies & minored in Social Justice and Sustainability. Shannon has a passion for environmental and social justice and immersing herself in new cultures. Shannon has worked in higher education and now works as the Community Outreach & Engagement Lead with Crimson. Shannon currently lives in California and enjoys reading, water polo, hiking, yoga, and traveling.