Jamie Beaton

Co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education

A Harvard graduate in Mathematics and Economics with advanced degrees in Public Policy, Law, and Education from elite schools that include Oxford, Yale, and Stanford, Jamie Beaton leads Crimson Education today with the same enthusiasm he brought to his own university pursuits and to his early efforts helping friends achieve similar success.

Jamie Beaton

Where it all started

Beaton finished secondary schooling at King’s College Auckland with a desire to pursue an elite university education abroad. After applying to 25 of the world's top universities, Beaton received offers from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Wharton (Huntsman), Cambridge, and a number of other outstanding universities.

While an undergraduate at Harvard, Beaton co-founded Crimson Education, in 2013. Then, two years ahead of schedule, in 2016, Beaton graduated from Harvard, Magna Cum Laude, with a double degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics and Applied Math.

At 20, Beaton attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, completing his MBA in Education Technology in 2019 and becoming Stanford's youngest ever recipient of the highly regarded Arjay Miller Award. Simultaneously, Beaton earned further recognition with a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, where he earned a DPhil in Public Policy in 2020.

Jamie Beaton Harvard

Beaton then gained admission to both Harvard and Yale Law Schools and obtained his JD from Yale while pursuing a Master's in Education Entrepreneurship at UPenn. Beaton also holds a Masters in Global Affairs as a Schwarzman Scholar from Tsinghua University.

Throughout this academic career, Beaton developed both theoretical knowledge and leadership skills that have helped him build Crimson Education into a highly effective and fast-growing enterprise, with global teams immersed in data-driven decision making, continuous learning, supportive collaboration, and a quest for innovation.

Today, as a result of Beaton’s leadership, Crimson Education deploys an impressive network of admissions strategists, counselors, mentors, and talented technology specialists — all dedicated to exploring new ways to help scholars realize their full potential, with insights and programs supporting students from middle school years to graduate school and beyond.

10 years of Crimson

Today, Jamie’s firm not only guides admissions planning for thousands of high school students each year, but offers new services that help students transform their futures in new ways, by building peer and mentorship networks, or enhancing their academic resumes with life-changing experiences in scholarship, career building, or leadership.

Students who connect with Crimson have opportunities that far surpass those typically available in even top-performing secondary schools, making Crimson Education the most multifaceted global admissions advising firm anywhere in the world.

Jamie Beaton Harvard

Jamie's Educational Background

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