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How To Write The Perfect Personal Essay

Download our new eBook to read 23 successful essays by Crimson students who got into the Ivy League, Oxbridge and more!

What Do Successful Students Write About?

Our eBook contains almost 23 successful essays from Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Duke, Cambridge, Oxford and more written by Crimson students from all over the world. From flipping burgers to building an IKEA bookshelf - read how each student explored their personal voice. Here’s just a taste of the topics they covered:

Why Crimson Students' Personal Statements are So Successful?

Crimson’s work with students is centered on the premise of individual attention and taking real time to support each applicant in preparing the perfect personal statement for them. 

The statement is the centerpiece of both the US and the UK application process - so it is important that your essay showcases your academic aspirations (UK), or communicates a story which demonstrates who you are and what matters to you (US).

Our essay mentors work with their students closely for eight or more months to produce the best personal statements possible. They help each student showcase their academic rigour and explore their unique personal voice.

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