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Your Pathway from Boarding Schools to Top US Universities!

If you are studying at a boarding school or thinking about studying it, this webinar is for you!


Wednesday, 9th Nov, 2022


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Zoom Webinar

Build a roadmap from boarding schools to top universities!

A boarding school is a residential private school where you can develop independence and study in a challenging academic environment.

Also, you may have to balance your school timetable and extracurriculars such as playing sports, musical instruments or joining a debating club to leverage the profile for top universities application.

But do you know how to maximize these exclusive resources and enhance your time-management skills?

Join our webinar to get your question answered by a former admissions officer at the Hotchkiss Boarding School and a Harvard graduate, Ben Sorkin!

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Webinar Highlights

📌 What type of boarders are top US universities looking for? 📌 What is the return on investment of a boarding school? 📌 What are exclusive resources at the US boarding schools and how to maximize them? 📌 Live Q&A with the Hotchkiss former admissions officer!

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