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WEBINAR Applying to Top US/UK Universities: Tips that TRULY WORKED

This webinar is for students and families who want to nail their applications to TOP universities in the US/UK, with exclusive tips from experts


April 16, 2022


From 9:30AM


via Zoom

Level up and beat the <10% acceptance odds

This EXCLUSIVE webinar will be where you find out the answers to:

  • Why do so few Vietnamese students get into Oxford/Cambridge, and what you can do about it?
  • Why listening to your neighbours and schoolmates can be devastating to your application?
  • Level up and beat the <10% acceptance odds - with limited resources in Vietnam.
  • Why is selecting the right central IMPORTANT? Learn how to do so before it’s too late!
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Crimson Experts

Ms Phoebe Trần

Country Manager, Vietnam - Crimson Education

Phoebe Tran graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, and was one of the first Vietnamese students to study at WashU! Working at Crimson as a Senior Academic Advisor, she has successfully consulted with thousands of Vietnamese families to help their children get into Top universities around the world.

Speaker a Nguyên

Ms Thy Nguyen

Babson College Alumni

Before going to Awty International School in Houston, Thy Nguyen studied in a international school in Ho Chi Minh City. She graduated Babson College, School of Business and now working on her business projects as well as publishing her second book named “Nguồn Cội”.

Speaker a Nguyên

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