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Aiming to study Medicine, Law, STEM or Business in the US or UK?

Join application experts as they share their knowledge on how students can maximise their chances of admission to the world's best universities and degrees.








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Study at Oxford, Cambridge, the Ivy League & other impressive top universities!

This is your (free) ticket to access some of the best university experts, former admissions officers, educational advisors and admitted students, who know what it takes to get admitted to some of the top-ranked universities in the world to study Medicine, Law, STEM and Business.

10 January 2021
Study Medicine, Law, Business or STEM At a Top US or UK University!

Event Details

Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Are you considering studying Medicine, Law, STEM or Business, but not entirely sure how you can optimise your chances of admission to US or UK universities that are ranked the best in the world in these degrees?

Get your free ticket to this event to gain exclusive insight from former admissions officers and university experts who will outline both what you can expect as a student focusing on these areas at a top university, and how you can shape your application to stand out above the often fierce competition.

When it comes to pursing these professional pathways, there’s no one better to ‘tell it like it is’ than students who have gained admission and experienced the journey for themselves.

Join us for engaging panel discussions with students currently studying Medicine, Law, STEM or Business at top US & UK universities, to gain insight into their experiences and the plethora of opportunities available.

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Who's speaking?

This event follows a one day format broken into four sessions, featuring speakers that include the brilliant minds in Crimson's network and the students we've supported in gaining admission. Hear from former admissions officers, senior application strategists, and other top experts who will discuss the key topics in pursuing Medicine, Law, STEM and Business at top universities in the US & UK.


Kick off!

  • Hosts: William Y & Hiu L
  • Time: 09:00 Vietnam Time
  • About the session:
    Get your coffees, snacks and settle in for what is guaranteed to be a productive Saturday. Meet your hosts Will and Lam as they explain how the day will run. We will also welcome Jamie Beaton to the stage as he talks about how top universities degrees lead to a life-time of professional success.

Navigating top universities for jobs of the future

  • Speaker: Jamie Beaton
  • Time: 09:15 Vietnam Time
  • About the session: Crimson Education has helped students achieve over 1,400 offers to top US universities, with 268 to the Ivy League and 99 to Oxford/Cambridge. This is your opportunity to hear from Jamie Beaton (Harvard and Stanford Alumnus, Oxford Rhodes Scholar, and Crimson Education CEO) as he shares his views of the future of education and how you can maximize your chances of admission to a world leading university.

Studying Law at a top university in the US & UK

  • Speaker: Nicole T (US) & Bryn L (UK)
  • Time: 09:45 Vietnam Time
  • About the session: Join Bryn and Nicole as they discuss the benefits of studying Law and humanities at top universities, and how a law / humanities degree offers a diverse range of professional opportunities. Bryn and Nicole will then be joined by a panel of students who are currently studying Law and/or humanities at a top university. The panel will answer your questions live!

Studying Medicine at a top university in the US & UK

  • Speaker: Steve H (US) & Dexter S (UK)
  • Time: 10:30 Vietnam Time
  • About the session:
    Join Crimson strategist Steve, who graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Biological Sciences, and Dr Dexter Sim who completed his medical degree at King’s College London, as they walk you through the US/UK pathways to medicine. They will take you behind the scenes of the application processes and describe the plethora of opportunities that accompany a world leading university degree in medicine. They will be followed by Q&A a panel discussion with students who are currently studying Medicine or a related field at a top university.

Studying Economics, Finance and Business at a top university in the US & UK

  • Speaker: Rohan T (US) & Pao M (UK)
  • Time: 11:30 Vietnam Time
  • **About the session:
    **From working on Wall Street to top consulting companies and Silicon Fen, a degree in finance/economics and/or business at a top university will take you to some of the most competitive companies in the world. Join Rohan and Pao as they discuss the benefits of pursuing these degrees in the US and UK and the opportunities top university degrees can lead to. Following their presentation Rohan and Pao will be joined by a panel of students who are currently studying Business (and related degrees) for an engaging Q&A session.

Studying STEM at a top university in the US & UK

  • Speaker: Ashley T (US), Evelyn W (UK)
  • Time: 12:45 Vietnam Time
  • About the session:
    In this session, Ashley and Evelyn will share their own experiences having studied STEM subjects at some of the best universities in the world. The two experts will take a deep dive into what it takes to cain admission to top US and UK universities in the competitive areas of STEM. Ashley and Nicole’s presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with top university students currently studying STEM. The students will provide real insight as to how they gained admission, and what the ‘day in the life’ of a world leading university STEM student looks like.


  • Time: 13:40 Vietnam Time

Why you should attend

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Admissions Process
Workshops with experts
Exclusive insights
Expert Speakers
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    Everything you need to know about the US/UK admissions process

    Gain insight into the US/UK university admissions process as we uncover what is involved in a creating a successful application. Whether you have just started considering studying at a top university, or you are developing your application, there will be something for everyone.

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    Workshops with Experts

    The online summit will introduce you to the best experts in their field with each speaker unpacking the various elements of the US and UK applications. Our experts will zero in on what admissions officers are looking for, and how they differentiate between who is accepted and who is not.

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    Meet recent admits and current university students

    Who actually gets in? We give you access to students currently studying Medicine, Law, STEM and Business who share why studying at some of the world’s best universities not only matched but exceeded their expectations.

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    Experts answer your burning questions

    You bring the questions and we'll bring the expert answers! This is your opportunity to really drill down why choosing to study Medicine, Law, STEM and Business at a world leading university is the best fit for you and how to start the journey to top US/UK university admission.

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