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The one and only eBook containing extracurricular activites for Vietnamese students!

Read our eBook tailored for Vietnamese students to find out the top-notch extracurricular activities based on your interests - ranging from Business, Entrepreneurship to Medical and Arts!

ECL ebook

You wonder how you can level up your extracurricular profiles for top universities in the US/UK?

Extracurriculars can make a world of difference in your application.

You want to level up your extracurricular profile to aim for top universities?

Choose an unique activity with international impact that set you apart from this new Crimson eBook.

Our eBook includes:

⭐ The importance of high-level extracurricular activities in your university application

⭐ Lists of extracurricular activities for Vietnamese students based on your interest (Business, Med, Law, Entrepreneurship, etc.)

⭐ How Crimson can help you build a unique project of your own!

Stanford and Yale students

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