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The Ultimate Guide for IB Students & Parents

Read our ultimate guide on how to maximize your IB curriculum to get into top US/UK universities!

 IB eBook

Maximize Your IB Curriculum

If you are studying the IB, you’re at an advantage!

 IB students stand a much higher chance of getting accepted into top US & UK universities? How can you maximize your IB curriculum to build a successful US/UK application?️

Find the answer in our latest eBook: The Ultimate Guide To The IB

Our eBook includes:

📘 What makes an excellent IB students

📘 IB subject choosing strategies

📘 Ways to navigate the core components - EE, TOK, and CAS

📘 Do’s and Don'ts while studying the IB

📘 And many more insights on making the most out of your IB curriculum!

IB eBook

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